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  • Protection of the Environment

    Aluminum is Characterized that can be re-used for the same purpose again and again unlike many other materials without losing its characteristics, which are unique to.

    In addition, the recycling process requires a small percentage of the energy used, on the reverse for the first time, which is only 5% of the basic input power used.

    This property is located Inside Delemar, which helps to protect the environment and which are recycling, smelting and casting again.

    A good percentage of raw aluminum that Delemar depend on getting it from the process of recycling aluminum Scrap again.

    To be contributed with that in reducing the environmental load and provide raw and not spurning it, also we are always keen to develop machines constantly to meet the environmental requirements and waste disposal in the right way.

    We also obtained the ISO 14001 System-specific environmental certificate.